Darush Parvinbenam

is a depth oriented somatic (body) oriented psychotherapist in private practice.

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Darush Parvinbenam has held numerous clinical, supervisory, and clinical positions within the last 25 years of his clinical career. Darush Parvinbenam has had considerable experience working with different mental/emotional disorders including; Anxiety, depression, different forms of trauma, complex trauma, neglect, attachment, and personality issues. He tries to understand the roots of his client's presenting issues, and assists them to work through their difficulties by developing insight, improving stress coping mastery, and emotion regulation skills. Darush Parvinbenam's main area of interest and research is the integration of evidence-based mindfulness, different yoga techniques, and meditative practices into his psychotherapy work. Combining a deep understanding of the roots of the client's symptoms, somatic (body) based intervention, and techniques with mindfulness and meditative techniques of yoga has given him powerful tools to facilitate his clients healing journey to wholeness.

He is also a Tantric yoga instructor who teaches and guides weekly meditation classes for general audience through his private practice.

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December 16, 2021

Introduction and an overview of energy/subtle body

INTRODUCTION This article is a very brief overview and introduction for the vast, complex, fascinating, and controversial subject of subtle or energy body. Many ancient cultures and spiritual traditions have reported the existence of a complex energetic system in the human body.  However, south Asian Indian culture has produced the most elaborate and detailed description […]

Darush Parvinbenam Discusses How Regular Meditation Can enhance
December 15, 2021

Darush Parvinbenam Discusses How Regular Meditation Can enhance therapeutic benefits of Trauma Therapy

Meditation has been proven to have numerous positive effects on the lives of individuals around the world regardless of their cultural or religious background. Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor Darush Parvinbenam, recently explained that meditation can even provide relief from trauma-related problems that people may experience long after the trauma has ended.   “You don’t have […]

Darush Parvinbenam Explores Embodied Contemplative Practices
November 29, 2021

Darush Parvinbenam Explores Embodied Contemplative Practices

Darush Parvinbenam is a trauma therapist who has been using embodied contemplative practices as a means of accelerating trauma recovery via improved resilience and coping skills training.    Darush Parvinbenam reported meditation research is increasingly focusing on the positive impacts of mindfulness practices. Leading clinicians, practitioners, and researchers, are providing convincing evidence for the effectiveness […]

Clinician Darush Parvinbenam Expounds Efficacy of Psychedelic Based Psychotherapy
November 23, 2021

Clinician Darush Parvinbenam Expounds Efficacy of Psychedelic Based Psychotherapy

Darush Parvinbenam discusses the effectiveness of psychedelic psychotherapy in treating PTSD, anxiety, and addiction.   Psychedelic psychotherapy is a form of psychiatric practice that makes up part of a broader psychotherapeutic process. A clinician from Franklin County, Ohio, Darush Parvinbenam explains more about the process and its role in treating various increasingly prevalent conditions.   […]

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